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Fire Safety Training for Staff at NMBS' Head Office
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Certificate in Fire Safety
PPK Training and Assessment is the supplier for First Aid and Health & Safety training for National Merchants Buying Society (NMBS), which covers the whole of the UK and is for any business which operates as an independent merchant. NMBS’s membership base is predominantly allied to the construction industry, but does deal with a large amount of merchants who are not involved with that industry. However on this particular occasion it was the actual head office itself that wanted our assistance. They required some training on Fire Safety for their own staff.

We went to their new offices in Leicester and delivered the Certificate in Fire Safety course for 8 of their staff.

They have recently moved into new premises and where ensuring that all their relevant staff where up to date with the required training.

As the new building they had moved into had numerous floors, the staff where conscious that they had all areas allocated to the correct people and that all staff where aware and understood what their responsibilities are and who they are responsible for.
Customer Feedback:
All the staff found the day beneficial and enjoyable which is always a bonus for essential training! Keith, Brent & the team are a pleasure to work with.
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